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Unitas Global operates a worldwide transport and IP transit network in support of its mission to improve network connectivity performance for its enterprise customers. We believe strongly in the ability for well-designed and implemented peering to improve our customer experience while using network-connected services.

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Peering Information

Peering requests should be sent to Unitas Global via email to peering@unitasglobal.com. Members of our peering team are normally available Monday to Friday 0200-2200 UTC, and we will endeavour to review requests within 48 hours. Requests for peering with AS1828 are reviewed according to our policy below, which serves as a general guideline, however Unitas Global reserves the right to accept or reject requests at its sole discretion.

General Technical Requirements

Public Internet Exchanges (IXPs)

Private Interconnects (PNIs)

Traffic Management

Session Removal

Other Considerations